Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kool Aid Lip Balm Tutorial

I recently found a Pin on Pintrest for Kool Aid Lip Balm and thought WOW that would be amazing if it actually works. The instructions are simple enough- warm up some petroleum jelly aka Vaseline, mix in the unsweetened powdered drink mixes from Kool Aid, stir, and store in small cosmetic containers for use.  I was skeptical to use Vaseline for this project, but learned from a serious fail with Coconut oil, that this recipe is really only designed to work with the Vaseline for some silly reason :-)

If you would like to make this awesome Kool Aid lip balm yourself, visit the post that I used for my recipe at:

This was super easy to make and would be a great summer fun idea to have your kids make.

Love you all,

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