Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue vs. Maybelline Color Show Pacific Blues Showdown

I was shocked to recently find the Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Polish in a color called Pacific Blues.  This seemed like a serious stab at the ever popular Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Polish in Pacific Blue.  The names are nearly identical with exception to the addition of a simple "s", and the colors look eerily similar as well.  I thought was this an accident?  NO WAY!  This had to have been purposeful with how identical these colors are. 

Here are my nails after one coat.  The pointer and ring fingers are Sally Hansen, and the middle and pinky fingers are Maybelline.  You can see they are pretty darn comparable in color, but overall the Sally Hansen was a bit more opaque and certainly more shiny in person.  

Here were the polishes after two coats, each next to their corresponding bottle.  Sally Hansen has a better shiny finish and is still more opaque than the Maybelline polish. 

 Here were all of the polish items that were used .  Julep basecoat, each of the respective pacific blue polishes and a topcoat of Seche Vite fast dry.

 Here was a photo of the polishes 24 hours after they were firs applied.  This is my left hand, so the index and ring fingers are Maybelline Color Show and the middle and pinky fingers are the Sally Hansen polish.  So far 24 hours in there was no chipping.

This was day two!  The top row of nails is my right hand and the index or first finger is the Maybelline Color Show Polish and man the chips were really starting to set in just 48 hours after application.  The Sally Hansen extremewear polish looked great and showed no chipping. 

This was day three, and wowza welcome to Chip-City.  The top row is my right hand, and the most chipped nail is the Maybelline color show, the middle finger in the top row is Sally Hansen, and then the  ring finger is the Maybelline color show again.  The bottom row is my opposite hand and the thumb nail that is horribly chipped is maybelline color show.  The index or pointer finger on this hand looks perfect!  Like it has just been polished LOL  After three days I took off this polish and could no longer wear it.  

I am happy to say that Sally Hansen Extreme Wear held in there much better than the Maybelline!  I have tried the color show polishes in several colors and they all chip on my within a very very short time frame.  I would suggest if you love this bright color that you stick with the tried and true classic Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Pacific Blue.  There's a reason everyone loves this color and formula!


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