Sunday, May 5, 2013

New China Glaze Avant Garden Collection

I recently spotted the new China Glaze Avant Garden Collection at my Beauty Supply Store.  Typically the professional stores get the new collections in before any typical retail outlets, so I thought I might share these beautiful new polishes, these are part of the Spring 2013 Collection and I am not sure when they were released in stores, but my guess is they have already made it to the major retailers like Ulta.
The display has a very ethereal woman with very floral inspired flowing cloth encircling her.  There are only 7 colors on this display and they are as follows:

White- Dandy Lyin' Around which was an opaque white with small shimmers in it.

Seafoam Green (located behind the white on this display)- Keep Calm, Paint On is a muted seafoam green with a bit of shimmer.

Cobalty-Bluish- Periwinkle- Purple color- Tart-y For The Party is a cream colored shade with no shimmer.  Reminds me a lot of Pacific Blue with a bit more purple. 

Blue in the front row- Fade into Hue.  Soft blue shade with a purple undertone.  Cream color with no shimmer.  

Pink- Pink-ie Promise- Lovely perfect pink shade that has small pink shimmers in it.  This color is really beautiful.

Dusty Rose- Life is Rosy.  This is a really lovely mid toned pink polish without any shimmer.  

Green- Budding Romance.  This shade really perfectly captures the color of a rose stem.  Not something I would go for, but if that's what you have been looking for then this would be the color for you.

I believe that there are more shades in this collection, however they were not present on this display.  I really love the China Glaze Formulation, but my nail polish rack is on overload so I refrained from adding any of these to my collection.  


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