Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Revlon Wild Flowers Nail Stickers/ Nail Appliques with 3D Jewels

While out browsing all of the new wonderful beauty displays at Walgreens, I found these Limited Edition Revlon Wild Flowers Nail Applique with 3D Jewels.  These look Amazing!  They are more than just nail stickers, these are much more Artsy with really classy touches of texture and completely wearable 3D decorations.  
The display was a spinner type fixture that was free standing in the limited edition type beauty display section and was about 24 inches tall.  There were 8 different nail applique varieties to choose from.  

Hyper Floral, Python and Petals

Vintage Vibe and Floral Fatale

About a Pearl and Psychedelic

Brocade Garden and Bow-Quet

Here is a close up of Floral Fatale

Here is a closeup of Psychedelic.  See the neat lacey silver accents on top of the colorful base.  These look Awesome!!

The last close up is for About a Pearl.  These had the most 3D raised texture of the bunch.  They have all of those raised white pearly accent pieces on each applique, but are completely wearable and quite classy.  These would be the pair that just about any could wear!  Such a beautiful design.

Have you seen these popping up in your area?  Which would you most want to wear?  I would probably choose the Psychedelic or About a Pearl set.  These scream Spring!

I hope you all have a Beautiful Week,

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