Saturday, October 13, 2012

Influenster Bride To Be Vox Box

Hello my Lovelies :-)

I recently received my very first Influenster Bride to Be Vox Box.  This box is full of great goodies!

There were three Schwarzkopf BC Hair Therapy Repair Rescue products!  One split end treatment, one shampoo, and one conditioner.  I am so excited to try all three of these products.

There was a bottle of Dream Water in Snoozeberry.  I tried this last night and the flavor was great and I slept really well surprisingly!  It really worked!

There was a package of Orange and Elder flower flavored Rescue Gum, along with a $1 off coupon.  This gum made me gag horribly unfortunately.  Perhaps if this was a flavor that you loved, these would be great.  I wasn't able to get past the flavor to enjoy the relaxation and stress relief that the gum is said to provide.

There was a pack of Kiss Ever EZ Lashes in style 03.  These look fantastic!  I hope that those little strings really help with the application of the lashes.  I typically use a pair of tweezers, so this may be a great new way to get them onto your eyes and really glam up your lashes.  There was also a $1 coupon for another set of lashes.

There was a card to share with a single friend to visit the IvyDate website.  I dont know who I will give this to.  :-)

This was a fantastic first VoxBox.  I hope that if you get a chance that you go visit the influenster website and share your opinions on your favorite products.  Have a great day everyone!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Influenster Relaunch

Hello Beauties,
Influenster recently relaunched their website.  It is bigger, better, and beautiful.  Influenster is a great way to get involved with the beauty products that you use everyday.  Visit the website, discuss your thoughts on your favorite products, and ultimately influence product development.  Influensters share their thoughts and insight with friends, family, and the blogger community.  So get out there, visit the new site, and share your opinons!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

HUGE Fall Beauty Giveaway

Good Day Beauty Gals,
My HUGE Fall Beauty Giveaway is up and going!

The Rules are simple:
1. Be 18 or older OR Have your parents permission to enter this giveaway
2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel(Must remain subscribed until the winner is selected)
Click HERE FOR TheBlushedBeauty on YouTube

Its that simple :-)

Time for the Prizes :
There will be 6... YES SIX winners who will get a mini Benefit Porefessional Primer AND a Mini Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara.

There will be 1 Grand Prize winner who will receive a NYX Runway Collection Palette in Caviar & Bubbles and a NYX Megashine Lip Gloss

This Giveaway will END ON OCTOBER 31st 2012 at 11:59PM PST
A winner will be chosen from my list of SUBSCRIBERS using a randomizer.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spook-Tober Tutorials

Good Bye August, Hello September, and See you soon October.
I have great plans for October Tutorials!!  October is my favorite month; the weather begins to change, the stores are strewn with fall items, and of course the Halloween products are on the shelves.  I have BIG Plans for spooky makeup, nail, and hair tutorials.  I will be posting a new video every other day for the month of September, and a Spook-torial every other day for October.
I hope Fall gets here quickly!!!
TheBlushedBeauty on YouTube

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glamour Birchbox July 2012 Review

This months Birchbox is themed with the Five Senses.
Sight, Touch, Taste, Sound, Smell.
I was quite excited to receive this months box based on all of the previews from Birchbox, and watching the videos online of all the gals that received their boxes before I did.

FINALLYYYYY a REAL Stila Lip Glaze!! Holy Guacamole :-)  
I have almost every color of the $1 ELF Hypershine lip glosses. I look forward to trying out the original inspiration for these affordable elf glosses.  I have heard great things about these Stila Lip Glazes and I expect this wonderful gloss to live up to all my hopes.

Whose genius idea was it to create Lemongrass Yuzu "MINTS".  I am going to whip out a "WHAT THE CRAP?!?!" for this product.  I saw so many people getting delicious sounding Cocoa Minteas, or Chai Minteas, but NOOOO I got LEMONGRASS flavored mints.  They smell like PLEDGE, and they taste like what you would imagine pledge really tastes like.  This was a total disappointment.  N'ough said

Annick Goutal Perfume; The last sample from Annick Goutal that I received was less than desirable to put it kindly.  I did not have high hopes for this scent either, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It smells fresh, citrus-y, and feminine.  Simply put, I would wear this. 

Ear buds!  Birchbox gave us colorful ear buds :-)  I will most certainly use these with my computer.  Thanks Birchbox. Now I just have to learn about what the heck "spotify" is.
Boscia B.B. Cream claims to be self adjusting to all skin tones.  From a first impression stand point, it appears to be slightly darker than my natural skin tone.  I dont know how this will self adjust to a lighter shade?  I have seen self adjusting blushes, creams, foundations etc adjust darker, but never lighter.  I am really loving my Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, so this has some serious expectations to live up to.  

Yahoo Color Club Nail Polish.  I am stoked to try out this brand of polish.  I have an ever growing collection of polishes and I have yet to own any Color Club Polishes.  Thank you Birchbox.

Overall I would give this months box a HUGE thumbs up.  I look forward to my Birchbox Anniversary coming up next month.  Fingers crossed for another great box.  I hope that you are all receiving fantastic boxes.  Have a BEAUTIFUL WEEK
Melissa :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coral Ombre Nails for Spring

I am loving the new Ombre Nail trend for spring. I did a warm chocolate ombre nail for this past fall where each nail had a gradient effect. Each individual nail faded out from a deep chocolate, through a bronze shade, and ended with a beautiful gold shad at the tips. This spring it appears that the trend is to have your whole nail be one single color, with each individual nail representing a gradual fade of color from the thumb out to the pinky fingers.
Below are the images and information for the products that I used in this manicure.
I always start any manicure with my base coat.  Last summer I was the unfortunate victim of badly stained nails, and I have since started using a base coat to protect my nails.  Essie Rock Solid has provided a great barrier for preventing stains, and acts as a nail strengthener as well.  

I painted my thumb and pointer finger on each hand.  I used this Wet N Wild shad called Red Tape. It is a very orangey based vibrant red.  I had to use two coats to achieve the shade in the video.
For my middle finger on both hands I used this BEAUTIFUL coral shade by Rimmel Lasting Pro called Sunset Orange.  This color was in my March 2012 Favorites video.  It has a very unique brush, if you would like to see that go ahead and click for the video.  I had to use three coats of this shade to achieve the look used this tutorial. 

On my ring finger for both hands, I used this Wet n Wild Mega Shine in Blazed.  It is a wonderful coral in a slightly less vibrant shade than Rimmels sunset orange.  I used two coats of this shade.

For each of my little pinky nails I used the Wet N Wild Mega Last polish in Sugar Coated.  These polishes have the same type brush as the rimmel lasting pro polishes.  I used two coats of this polish in the tutorial.
Last but NEVER least, is my Seche Vite Fast Dry Top coat. What is a manicure without a super shiny, ultra fast dry top coat?  :-)  
Thank you so much for watching, rating, and subscribing.  I hope that you have a wonderful easter with family and friends this weekend .

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March 2012 Monthly Favorites

It seems like the month of march just FLEW by, and now we are truly in the midst of spring time. I wanted to share some close up shots of all of my favorite for the month of March.  I hope that you all have a wonderful month of April and keep your eyes peeled for many new videos on my channel.
My first favorite was the L'oreal Color Riche Balm in Rose Elixer 218
I am in love with how moisturizing these balms are, and i really enjoy the hint of color that they add to the lips.

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Far is AMAZING!  It goes on smooth and blends out seamlessly. The only major fault that I have with the product is the twist up packaging.  It cracked and broke within 10-14 days after purchase and I had to tape the twist top in place to salvage the product.  I wish this had a stronger plastic twist up top!!  I actually really like the texture and delivery of the product up through the domed felt tipped applicator. It is much more soft than I expected.
 Ahhh my ELF Flawless eyeshadow quad in Tantalizing Taupe.  This quad has won my heart. I posted a tutorial for this quad if you are interested in seeing how I apply this set of colors.  I feel like it is very complimentary to my skin tone and eye color(greenish blue-ish)

 I ordered a trio of blushes from the Hautelook website and this has been my favorite!  I love the color for spring.  It goes on well and blends out flawlessly.  I am really impressed with this NYX Blush

 This has been the perfect Coral for spring!  Love the brush on the Rimmel Lasting Pro Nail polishes.  This one is in the color Sunset Coral.
 My beauty blender is my new BFF.  This sponge gets moistened, then squeezed out, then I dot the foundation on my face and litereally stamp out the makeup on my face.  I use the larger round end for the majority of my foundation, and the smaller pointed tip to blend out around my eyes and nose.  I will absolutely be purchasing a new one once this one bites the dust. I received this beauty blender in my February 2012 Birchbox.  If you are interested in joining here is the link. Birchbox
 Lastly I have been trying out and loving the KMS California Freeshape Quick Blowdry spray.  I feel like this helps me dry my hair more quickly, without causing brittle yucky feeling strands.  I will be buying the full size once this sample runs out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mascara Monday- Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!

I first heard about the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara from Emilynoel83 of Beauty Broadcast on youtube. She made me think WOW this mascara must be fantastic, so during the 21 ULTA days of beauty this mascara went on special for one day for $10 (instead of the $19 normal price). I was at ULTA the second that the doors opened(thanks to a random power outtage at work we were let go for the day), I dashed into the store and made a bee line for the Tarte Mascara. I grabbed the tube like I had joyfully accomplished something brag-worthy and marched up to the register to pay. I could not wait to try it out, so I wiped off the eye makeup that I was already wearing, and applied the mascara shortly after I got home. I must say... I was impressed. I almost wanted to get the product and prove everyone wrong by saying LOOK THIS PRODUCT IS ALL HYPE, but to my surprise it was better... Much much better than I had anticipated.

The brush is made of fiber bristles, and the formula is a bit wet, but not overly wet.  I feel like the tube does a decent job of leaving just the right amount of product on the brush for a great application.

I love the BLACK color of the mascara.  It is a DEEP TRUE BLACK!
I have not had any problems with the mascara being flakey, traveling, or being difficult to remove.
I felt like I got a better application when I curled my lashes before applying.  As for the product claims... I would agree that it lengthens(great for shorter lashes), adds volume, and holds a curl.

You can purchase this mascara for $19 at:
Sephora-Lights, Camera, Lashes
Ulta- Lights, Camera, Lashes

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring 2012 ELF Haul & Giveaway

One of the most dangerous websites for me is the Eyes Lips Face or ELF web page.  There are some truly quality items on this website that are well worth your money.  You can find a fantastic brush set without breaking the bank, extremely beautiful bendable blushes to give you that rosy glow and some new eyeshadow quads that will really surprise you.  If you sign up for the elf newsletter or emails they send coupons multiple times a week for free shipping or even steep percent off discounts.

My justification for placing an order was my need for more makeup wipes.  I really adore the ELF wipes, but I recieved a coupon via email for buy one get one FREE!  Which in my mind meant why not get twice as many as I had planned for?  While surfing the website I found that they had new Eye Makeup Remover Pads which is the small white packet in the photograph.  First thoughts of the eye makeup removers pads- they are too small and thin.  The makeup remover wipes remain my favorites.

Next up I bought the ELF Natural Eyelashes in Black and Brown.  I absolutely LOVE the black lashes and I wear them all the time.  I feel like they give me a really nice, full, natural look.  I have never purchased the brown lashes before, and my my my they are much more light brown in person that I expected.  I look forward to giving these a try.

I went online read up about the ELF Eyebrow Kit and decided that perhaps this would work great with my brows.  I use a brow gel to keep them in place but I do not really fill them in or do much else.  I chose the color Ash since I highlight my hair blonde, and my natural color is a dirty ashy brown blonde.  I must say this kit looks pretty strange in person.  The gel looks like a great color to compliment my natural brows, but the powder almost looks straight WHITE?  Why would I ever put that on my brows?  Oh well I look forward to trying the brow gel. Maybe next time I will order the next lightest shade.

The ELF Mineral Powder brushes really WOW'ed me over when I last ordered in the Fall.  They feel extremely well made, the ferrell and handle are sturdy and the bristles are so soft you almost don't want to put the brush down.  I have been using my Powder brush as a Blush Brush because I like a large brush to help disperse the blush over my cheeks.  Two of these four brushes are for me, and the other two are for my giveaway.  Just subscribe to my YouTube channel and comment on the video for this giveaway.  It is open until April 4th, 2012 11:59 pacific standard time.  Trust me, you are going to LOVE these brushes.  Two winners will be chosen from the comments section and they will each win one brush.

 In the "NEW" section of the ELF website there were some eyeshadow quads that screamed BUY ME NOW MELISSA, so I obliged and wow they look fantastic in person.  I purchased the ELF Flawless Eyeshadows for $2 each, one in Tantalizing Taupe, and the other in Party Purple.  They are labeled for how they suggest application and really remind me of the Wet N Wild Trios (which I am obsessed with).

Lastly I purchased a couple blush and bronzer duos for a future giveaway... Stay tuned for that :-)

And as a side note here is the polish that I wore in the video.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 2012 Teen Vogue Birchbox

My March Birchbox arrived, and to my surprise I received the "TEEN VOGUE" edition. I was quite excited to receive this special edition box because I had an inkling that this would be a fantastic month. WOWZA this months box won my heart Check out the photos of all of the great items in this months box and the total value of my box. I think this month may be my most valuable box yet.

First up is my Tarte Lip Surgence in JOY- a rich coral shade with a glossy finish
This product was full sized and is valued at $24

Next up is the Shisheido oil blotting Papers. Birchbox gave out a pack containing 10 sheets valued at $1.80. The full size product is 100 sheets for $18

This would be my second favorite item in this months box. The Essie Luxe Effects Polish in A Cut Above. It is a pink glitter explosion! This is a full sized product and it is valued at $8

Ohhh another fragrance sample. If I could opt out of any one type of item in my Birchbox, then perfume samples would probably be it. This one is Annick Goutal and this sample is valued at $0.85, and the full sized is $85

Lastly we have my lovely yellow twistband hair tie. These come in a pack of 12 for $18, so this one tie is worth $1.50. I tend to loose hair ties very quickly so $1.50 per hair tie seems a bit steep.

This Months Value= Over $35 :-)