Friday, May 3, 2013

New Jessies Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen

This new Jessie's Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen was just put out at my local Rite Aid recently.  The packaging and display really caught my eye.  The pens look like classy high quality eyeliner at their typical truly affordable beauty product pricing at $6.99 each.

The display boasts that this eyeliner pen is all about "Combining the art of Japanese calligraphy brush-making and the technology of our "All-Day" waterproof formula". To me this sounds like this eyeliner pen must have a killer brush tip!  I bet this makes for an amazingly smooth application.  I know some times eyeliner pens with brushes don't always have the highest amount of precision or control, but the display seems to indicate otherwise.  As far as I can tell this only comes in the color black.

I would love to try this eyeliner pen, I am all about using felt tip eyeliners, and I love to apply my gel or cream eyeliner with a fine tiped pointed brush so maybe this is a combination of the two of those.  The best of both worlds :-)

What do you all think about Jessie's Girl Beauty Products?  What are your favorites?


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  1. I just purchased this today and I'm hoping for the best. :P I'm not the greatest when it comes to liquid eyeliner but my Maybelline Line Stiletto (which I don't think has a waterproof form) literally rubs right off if I accidentally touch my eyes. Hopefully the fine tip on this one will help me to not mess up, as I imagine cleaning it up will be a pain haha. Nice post. :D

    ~nikki ('<>')>