Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nail Rock Nail Caviar Sets

While at Walgreens recently I came across these Nail Rock Nail Caviar Sets.  If you were interested in rocking the 3D Manicure look at a reasonable price.  Each set is priced at $6.99, which is far less expensive than the original Caviar Manicure set which sold for over $20.00 in Sephora.

These sets are available in Pink, Gold/Multi Color, Turquoise, and Red. I believe that Nail Rock is the same company that designs the Eye Rock eyeliner temporary tattoos. 

The instructions seem super simple.  Apply the base coat, roll your finger in the caviar beads, press them into the basecoat, wait 15-20 Minutes and Voila!  Your nails are complete.

This is a trend I have not yet tried but would be interested to hear or see photos if you have.  


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  1. I picked up a kit the other day but not tried it yet so will let you know when I do!