Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lime Crime Nail Polish Review and Swatches

In my recent Lime Crime Haul, I ordered two nail polishes.  One in the color Milky Ways, and the other in Lavendairy, each polish sells for $5.99 on the Lime Crime Website.

The packaging is supremely adorable, with the iconic Lime Crime Unicorn.  Lavendairy is a milky beautiful lavender color and Milky Ways is a creamy off white with a peachy yellowish undertone. 

Here are photos of the swatches of each of the two colors on the nails.  
Here is a photo of my nails on the fourth day, not too shabby right?  

And here is a photo of what happened the very next day.  Holy Chip City Batman!  Wowza.  Those chips and flakes came out of no where.  One day the polish was fine, the next huge chunks were flying off of my nails.  The lesson here is that Lime Crime is a four day polish :-) And the fifth day the polish will attempt to abort mission, and jump ship off of your nails. LOL 

Pros: This polish applied very smoothly, it was not streaky and had great staying power compared to other higher end polishes like OPI or Essie.  For me Essie almost always chips the next day after polishing, and certianly two days in there are numerous chips.  This polish remained largely chip-free for 4 days. 

Cons: This polish is difficult to come by, and can only be ordered from the Lime Crime website or from a very select few retailers.  There is a limited color selection and stock always seems to be out of numerous colors all at once.  

Have a Beautiful Day,
XOXOXO Melissa


  1. If you ever have any chances to try out some Korean brand nailpolishes, do so! XD They're the bomb :3 Last very long for me without chipping. I recommend TheFaceShop :)

    I've eyed these when they came out but yeah, very hard to get them :O Some people say they separate easily so do watch out for that.

    Lavendairy is so pretty I can't even---I think TFS has something similar to it.

    1. Thank you for the tip. I really liked the color of Milky Ways and I got lots of compliments on how unique the color was. I hope that over time they don't separate, but I will be interested to see if they do. What brands of Korean nail polishes do you recommend?

    2. I think for best formula (imo) it's TheFaceShop but I buy a lot of Etude House too. They have many pastel-y colours but yeah, probably some of them are a hit and miss in terms of formulation.

      ( 'u' ) it all depends on what you're interested in.

      You can find many reviews and maybe some swatches on them online!