Sunday, April 21, 2013

IPSY Unbagging with Swatches April 2013

IPSY has done it yet again!  I am loving my choice to switch subscriptions, and this month again tops the charts for a $10 a month service.  I hope you enjoy the photo-fest below.  

This month I received four items, three of which were FULL SIZED makeup/beauty products in really lovely colors.  

The Big, Sexy, Hair POW Powder Play is supposed to give hair volume and texture.  I haven't yet played with this, but I am thrilled to try this out. May hair could certainly use some OOMPH or lift at the roots. 

The MICA Beauty Cosmetics shimmer in Earth is totally up my alley.  The shade is that beautiful mixture of slightly pinkish, earthy brown with a lovely shimmery finish.  This item isn't really labeled as an eyeshadow directly on the packaging, however that is the only way that I will be using this loose powder product.  

Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks!  Wowza, this is a really beautiful shade.  If I was on the website I would have hands down chosen this color, so I am quite impressed that this is the shade that I received in my bag.  It has a lovely rosey pinky hue about it, and in the pan it looks like it has a satin sheen.  It is identical in size to a MAC blush, and the black container seems oddly similar if not identical.

I wanted to insert two swatch photos of this blush because although it does have a nice rosey color at one angle, if you turn just a bit it has an incredibly shimmery aspect to it.  Almost to the point of being un-wearable as a blush and more wearable as a highlighter.  Bummer.  I wonder if all of their blushes are this shimmery?

Lastly we have the Sation, not STATION as I called it in my video (Whoopsie) nail lacquer for IPSY in the shade Love at First Byte.  It is a very lovely naturally pink shade that seems very complimentary and subtle with my skin tone.  The polish went on very smoohtly, no issues with application or streaky strokes.  

This is after one coat, no top coat applied. 

Here is the brush, very standard sized nail polish brush.  You can sort of see the semi opaque-ish, not quite clear-ish consistency with this color. 

This was after two coats and no top coat.  I actually really like this color!  To me this color almost says Bridal Natural Nails.  I will absolutely be wearing this shade very soon, and I will be interested to see how this wears over the course of several days.  

Here is the bags value breakdown:

MICA Shadow- $14.95 

Be A Bombshell Blush- $16.00

Sation for IPSY Nail Lacquer- $5.00
Website: This was the only place I could find selling their products online

BigSexyHair POW Powder- Full Sized is .53oz for $15.95, this sample was .07 oz and was worth about $2.15

Total Value of this months bag was: $38.10  

Have a beautiful day everyone,

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  1. That blush is gorgeous and that shimmer will look great as an eyeshadow. I'm a new subscriber. Love the blog. I've been subscribed on youtube quite a while.

    Check out my blog? Would love it if you would subscribe!