Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glamour Birchbox July 2012 Review

This months Birchbox is themed with the Five Senses.
Sight, Touch, Taste, Sound, Smell.
I was quite excited to receive this months box based on all of the previews from Birchbox, and watching the videos online of all the gals that received their boxes before I did.

FINALLYYYYY a REAL Stila Lip Glaze!! Holy Guacamole :-)  
I have almost every color of the $1 ELF Hypershine lip glosses. I look forward to trying out the original inspiration for these affordable elf glosses.  I have heard great things about these Stila Lip Glazes and I expect this wonderful gloss to live up to all my hopes.

Whose genius idea was it to create Lemongrass Yuzu "MINTS".  I am going to whip out a "WHAT THE CRAP?!?!" for this product.  I saw so many people getting delicious sounding Cocoa Minteas, or Chai Minteas, but NOOOO I got LEMONGRASS flavored mints.  They smell like PLEDGE, and they taste like what you would imagine pledge really tastes like.  This was a total disappointment.  N'ough said

Annick Goutal Perfume; The last sample from Annick Goutal that I received was less than desirable to put it kindly.  I did not have high hopes for this scent either, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It smells fresh, citrus-y, and feminine.  Simply put, I would wear this. 

Ear buds!  Birchbox gave us colorful ear buds :-)  I will most certainly use these with my computer.  Thanks Birchbox. Now I just have to learn about what the heck "spotify" is.
Boscia B.B. Cream claims to be self adjusting to all skin tones.  From a first impression stand point, it appears to be slightly darker than my natural skin tone.  I dont know how this will self adjust to a lighter shade?  I have seen self adjusting blushes, creams, foundations etc adjust darker, but never lighter.  I am really loving my Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, so this has some serious expectations to live up to.  

Yahoo Color Club Nail Polish.  I am stoked to try out this brand of polish.  I have an ever growing collection of polishes and I have yet to own any Color Club Polishes.  Thank you Birchbox.

Overall I would give this months box a HUGE thumbs up.  I look forward to my Birchbox Anniversary coming up next month.  Fingers crossed for another great box.  I hope that you are all receiving fantastic boxes.  Have a BEAUTIFUL WEEK
Melissa :-)

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  1. amazing products in your birchbox I would say xx